Find and analyse existing devices on your network

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Enable end users to plan for their own appointments

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Plan and monitor engineer work items in real time

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Elegant Solutions Software

An Introduction

This is a start-up business with a winning combination of expertise and experience that uses sound business logic to develop a set of business tools that are relevant to numerous organisations across many industry and service sectors.

Elegant Solutions aspire to change dramatically the way software can be used by many enterprises and service providers to; manage valuable company assets dynamically, to schedule tasks using innovative and productive methods and to provide the ability to manage mobile workforces engaged in any type of activity using a fresh approach.

Our aim is always to provide quality products that deliver excellence with a minimum term return on invested capital.

Mobile/Tablet Support

All our software supports mobile and tablet access, along with traditional desktop support.

Quick View Dashboards

All data within the applications can be viewed at all levels using a dashboard relevant to the person accessing the system.


Multiple Hosting Options

All our software can be hosted onsite or use our quick service cloud hosting.

Latest Technology

Modular approach allows clients to select the right tools for their needs.

Developed using the latest development technology providing an easy to use application through all modules.

Application Details

Features and Benefits of our Application suite

  • Finder
  • Discovery and reporting of devices connected to your network
  • No client machine installation
  • No expensive server hardware required
  • Initial results quickly available
  • Easy to use reporting with simple "what if" analysis
  • Calculate costs of upgrading estate
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  • Scheduler
  • Plan work across multiple locations, allowing end users to manage their own appointments
  • Plan your project using a central PMO system
  • Email communication with end users throughout the project
  • Allow users to schedule and manage their own appointment
  • Web based application using tools that mirror standard calendar applications
  • Realtime reporting showing project progress
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  • FieldForce
  • Manage and monitor a mobile engineer team in real-time
  • Record the details of an item of work using a central web based system
  • Work assigned to engineers is sent to their mobile device with all details required to complete each job
  • Engineers record the progress of the job which is communicated to the central office in real-time
  • Full management reporting of progress in work items
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It is important to note that all of our products have been designed to run either as standalone modules or as a integrated suite. Using the full suite allows data to easily feed from one function to the next.


Product Details

Discovers and reports on all network connected devices delivering a detailed dataset of both hardware and software configurations this includes (but is not limited to) UNIX desktops and servers, Apple Mac devices, Network Attached Storage, CCTV security cameras, routers, switches and printers. Installed on a single continuously connected workstation, Es-Finder is a fast and totally secure way of providing a detailed and current asset list. The data collected remains within the customer’s domain with no connection to the outside world. Using our drag and drop report generator, tailored reports may be compiled and displayed within minutes turning the data into valuable management information. Es-Finder is a versatile business tool that may be utilised in a variety of ways:-

Snapshot audit mode

A fast and reliable electronic data gathering process to facilitate many short term activities including: site surveys, audits, maintenance contract administration and lease agreement management.

A PC audit for example will provide full hardware and software configuration details of the entire estate with the further advantage of indentifying networked and stand alone printers.

The data includes: Operating system, s/w applications, h/w manufacturer, model, serial number, motherboard, processor, HD size/space, RAM, , MAC address and more.

Asset management mode

Utilising the results of the initial scan as the base reference, Es-Finder will automatically report any change to the hardware or software configuration of any networked device.

Alerts may be configured by the administrator to suit the level of sensitivity within each business environment. This function offers a very cost effective way of monitoring activity across the estate to help guard against unauthorised changes whilst at the same time providing a dynamic asset register.

Software usage

Running in background over the selected period, client device business application software usage may be monitored and automatically reported. This makes it simple to highlight underutilised application software that may be redeployed obviating the cost of additional licences.

Data Management

Our software has been written using a modular approach which means that our reporting and "what if" analysis software that is included with this application may be used with or without an initial data capture process. Once the data has been loaded into our system a number of reports are available out of the box which will support the decision making process for any piece of work.

We have experience of creating ETL (extract transform load) software packages which will bring data from disparate systems into the data format required for our application suite. These packages can be run multiple times to load updated data into our system for reporting and analysis.

As well as pre-canned reports we provide flexible dashboard creation tools that allow an end user to create their own custom view of the data at whichever level they need.

A further enhancement to our software has allowed end users to be able to create their own custom reports with no development effort required. This allows on the fly "what if" analysis to be made in minutes of requirements being identified.


Within the Es-Software Suite, each module may be deployed separately or together as an integrated application which can provide additional benefits: Data collected via Es-Finder may be utilised as input into Es-Scheduler and Es-FieldForce to minimise data entry and maximise constancy and accuracy.


Es-Finder is cost effective easy to implement and secure asset management tool that provides rapid relevant and accurate asset management information.


Product Details

A project manager’s toolset that makes it easy to set up and manage tasks that may last for a few days, weeks or months in an easy to use format. Regardless of scale or geography the coordination with user groups may be managed across multiple locations efficiently and in a paperless environment.

Easy Set up

Designed to ensure the supply chain operates efficiently, configurable drop down menus allow the profile of each site to be quickly established including; operational days/hours, site schedule, local logistics, security and health and safety aspects.

Where many individual users and user groups are involved, careful planning and coordination are critical to the success of any project. Es-Scheduler enables users to choose convenient time slots from those made available by the project office on a site-by-site basis, potentially reducing the level of no shows, maximising single visit completion rates and providing the users with an enhanced experience.

Utilising the Outlook style interface, via a portal users simply register their contact details and select an appointment that suits their own work flow and availability. A formal appointment is entered into the user’s calendar and automatically acknowledged via email, instant messenger or SMS.

Timely reminders may be configured to deliver specific messaging.

Various alerts may be set to inform the project office for example; where a given user has cancelled or has changed an appointment more than a set number of times, thus allowing the project office to assist the affected user proactively.

This approach significantly reduces the volume of voice and email traffic during the project set up period whilst facilitating targeted proactive communication. The fact that user are involved in the process and given greater choice provides the basis of improved customer satisfaction.

Progress and status per location may be monitored by authorised personnel with drill down into individual sites or business units. A global dashboard provides management with dynamic views of overall progress and where required; the client’s own management team may be provided with access on a read only basis.

This information is displayed dynamically reducing communication traffic seeking updates.


Es-Scheduler provides relevant management information reports based on dynamic data which may be tailored to suit each project and which may be generated automatically or on demand.

Where desired, Es-Scheduler can accommodate reason codes to act as the basis of reports. These may be established as part of the project set-up process to ensure that information is based on a common terminology and understanding, making data analysis faster and more accurate.

An optional customer satisfaction survey is available to enable user feedback may be captured and reported on if required.

Es-Scheduler provides the project office with the tools to minimise the level of no shows, to maximise the level of single visit completion rates and to complete projects on schedule and within budget.


Within the Es-Software Suite, each module may be deployed separately or together as an integrated application which can provide additional benefits:

Data collected via Es-Finder may be utilised as input into Es-Scheduler and Es-FieldForce to minimise data entry and maximise constancy and accuracy.

A further enhancement to our software has allowed end users to be able to create their own custom reports with no development effort required. This allows on the fly "what if" analysis to be made in minutes of requirements being identified.


Product Details

A mobile data capture and service desk application with rapid customisation functionality which is fully scalable and capable of managing any mobile workforce across any geographical region. Both ad-hoc and project based tasks of any type may be efficiently controlled in a paperless environment across any business stream. Es-FieldForce may be quickly configured to meet customers’ individual requirements without reference to the software developer. Developed as a WEB application and based on a central database it operates as close to real time as is practically possible.

Visibility and Control

The system leverages the widespread use of mobile technology being compatible with Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows operating systems. Since these systems are frequently already utilised by the mobile workforce, additional devices are not required to be carried or purchased in order to gain the benefits available from Es-FieldForce. Our user friendly mobile app is both intuitive and logical, making implementation hassle free.

The service desk application is based on configurable dashboards which display all open events with the ability to drill down into individual items.

Service desk personnel may view current and upcoming events whist receiving dynamic updates from the field with automatic screen refresh. Historical data may be viewed and reopened as required.

Typically the data being displayed is relevant to each service desk controller, whereas management dashboards display the wider global position. Graphical representation of current statistical data provides instant views of each event category.

The profile of each client site(s) may be recorded enhancing the service desk knowledge when accepting and managing service requests.

At your choice, access may be provided to the client via a portal on a read only basis, obviating the need for status updates via voice or email communication saving time and money. This may be taken a step further whereby direct input of service requests by the client can result in less ‘touches’ that may further reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Mobile Application

Field based operatives receive instructions via their mobile device including for example; site details, customer contact, work required, purchase order, SLA and attachments.

Utilising the configurable screens the operative is able to select a task and manage the event to closure transmitting relevant updates to the service desk.

Where necessary he may; contact the site using the fast dial / email features, gain turn by turn guidance to unfamiliar sites and record specific details required by the business.

Drop down menus make it easy for the user to navigate around the system. We discourage freeform text in favour of agreed common phrasing and reason codes as this aids analysis and technical planning. The Home and Help screens may be accessed at any time making navigation easy and where help is on hand during initial training and for reminders.

The mobile app works on a sometimes connected basis ensuring that where a signal is not immediately available the user may continue to work. On a store and forward basis the data is held until a signal is detected. Following transmission the data is not deleted from the mobile device until; a) the service desk server acknowledges safe receipt and b) the configurable time delay has expired.

Where data gathering using a scanner is a practical option, Es-Finder linked to a simple bar code scanner provides a powerful and totally accurate data gathering system that eliminates the errors associated with paper based methods. This is especially useful during service delivery, managed deployment and site surveys where data reconciliation is a key factor.

Add-in Module

A recent innovation is our Es-Watch module which we developed for the facilities management market. This enables the operative to identify and report issues utilising photographic images. Example; a project manager inspecting a site who identifies faults that require attention, photos are taken and annotated to form the basis of a work order request to correct the fault.


Within the Es-Software Suite, each module may be deployed separately or together as an integrated application which can provide additional benefits:

Data collected via Es-Finder may be utilised as input into Es-Scheduler and Es-FieldForce to minimise data entry and maximise constancy and accuracy.

Our Team

The Team

Since 2005 Elegant Solutions has been providing IT consultancy and project management services to the IT Services industry. During this time we have successfully managed a number of large and complex projects in UK and across EMEA. In 2012 the company restructured with greater focus on software tools that bring value add and innovation. Re-launched as Elegant Solutions (Software) Ltd we have developed new products and services to our portfolio to the direct benefit of our customers and their clients.

A cornerstone of our business ethic is our strong desire to develop long term business relationships with our customers. Delivering quality product with backup and support are obvious basic requirements and as well as paying close attention to these key factors we wish to gain a good understanding of our customers’ business and their experience following implementation of our solutions.

From ongoing dialogue we expect to obtain valuable feedback that drives continuous improvement and the development of enhancements based on actual results whilst offering the possibility to identify further business opportunities to mutual benefit.

Our Goal

We operate in niche markets where we are able to provide a rapid response to our customers needs. We are totally committed to customer satisfaction through the delivery of high quality products and services backed by resilient systems and reliable support.

We operate a Help-desk facility where trained technical personnel receive, triage and manage perceived issues. Where necessary, the issue may be escalated to a developer who, using all reasonable endeavors will respond within 48 business hours of the original call to our Help-desk.

Our Mission

To create and bring to market software solutions that compliment our customers’ own core skills and competences and which offer genuine opportunity to improve inefficiencies and reduce costs by improving the user experience and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Solution Features and Benefits

Software designed with passion


Safety for your Client's data

As you would expect, all communications made in our system are fully encrypted ensuring no snoopers can view the data being passed. Also best practice security measures are used to prevent any data leaks from the databases

Our flexible implementation practice also allows the software to be used entirely on-premesis preventing any outside tampering.


Implemented to fit your requirements

The entire software suite has been written to support many implementation approaches.

Using our preferred cloud provider (Microsoft Azure) we can stand up an implementation tailored for you in record breaking time.

We also support implementation on many of the leading cloud providers like Amazon (AWS).

If it fits better with your way of working the software can be self hosted on site. This site can be either yours or your clients locations.


Designed for Mobile Users

All our software has been developed to run on whatever you happen to be using at the time. The back office functions can be accessed via a mobile phone or tablet to check for progress wherever you are.

Where your engineers are using the mobile version of FieldForce the software has been developed to run easily on all mobile phone platforms. The applcaition can also be quickly deployed to thousands of users using tools you already know.


Flexible to quickly meet your needs

Each instance of our software suite can be fully configured to meet the exact requirements of the end users. This includes full "white labelling" to allow you to stamp your own or customers branding and design to the application.

Dashboards and reports can be created to provide the exact views and functionality required for your workloads.

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